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House builders will discourage you from snagging your new property. They will demonstrate your new home to you prior to legal settlement as a tool to manage your expectations, stressing that shrinkage and settlement are normal and not covered by your warranty. While going to great lengths to advise you about what isn't covered by the NHBC Buildmark guarantee the same effort is not made to advise you about your rights. Your house builder is not obliged to advise you about any defects, even if he is aware of it. BUYERS BEWARE! It is your responsibility to advise him in writing of any defect before he has to rectify.

This is where PROSNAG can help. We will inspect your property and prepare a full written report including photographic evidence where applicable of all identified defects. We will at the same time as issuing the report to you copy it to your builder or developer to ensure that all defects are rectified timeously and at their expense. Take a look in our Gallery for pictures of some common defects.

Remember, you are entitled to notify your builder of defects at any point during the two year defect liability period. Many builders will ask you to provide a list, normally during the first six months, for final maintenance. Know your rights, Final Maintenance doesn't mean final contractually.

If you have a snagging problem, need advice on what you should do or how to go about getting a satisfactory resolution, try our free email advise service with no obligation. Click here using the words 'FREE HELP' in the title.

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